πŸš€ The tech companies i yearn to work with! 😍

πŸš€ The tech companies i yearn to work with! 😍

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Β·Sep 30, 2021Β·

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πŸ’»Β FOSS projects/applications/technologies are what drew me into web developemnt. But the companies/startups behind these awesome technologies-be it sponsors or creators-are often overshadowed by the products themselves; however trivial it might seem, but they definitely deserve to be in the spotlight, too!Β πŸ‘

Here are some of the choicestΒ tech companiesΒ i really want to work with:Β 



Snyk is the platform i'd really love to work with for it specifically focuses on Open Source Security; something of paramount importance when it comes to developers going town on pulling loads of third-party,open source dependencies; hardly with any checks & balances, security measures in place. Cybersecurity/InfoSec/DFIR/OSINT is the way forward in my tech career & as i learn/practice/grow as a newbie web developer, Snyk seems a natural fit!

🎯 auth0


Auth0 is, obviously, another awesome tech company i'd really love to land a job with! Auth0 has exceeded expectations when it comes to securely implementing authentication & authorization; be it User Management, SSO, MFA, Universal or Passwordless login. Sweet!

🍻 Till next time. 🍻 

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